We are honoured to be supporting Parkdale Community Food Bank as our Beer for Everybody beneficiary! 

Beyond the provision of food, the Parkdale Community Food Bank strives to be a place of dignity, safety, and respect for all. The PCFB is a community driven by mutual support, where members can share their gifts, and the resources available to them, based on their need, and according to their abilities. All of our community members are accepted in a non-judgemental manner.

$1 from every Super Bowl 6 Pack supports Parkdale Community Food Bank. In addition, 100% of proceeds from Beer For Everybody apparel, greeting cards, and stickers will be donated, along with donations made at checkout. 

Beer For Everybody’s intention is to showcase and support local organizations that work to dismantle systemic inequities. This initiative is not a single campaign, but rather a statement of our beliefs and a name under which we will continue to take action to uphold our commitments to equity and inclusion.

Donations made through your Left Field Brewery cart will not qualify for a tax receipt. If you wish to receive a charitable tax receipt, please donate directly here.

Donation to Parkdale Community Food Bank