Euchre Night - Team Registration 

LIMIT 1 PER PERSON/TEAM.  Orders with more than one ticket per date will automatically be refunded.

Euchre is baaaackkk!  Monday December 5th, 2022

Registration for this event is $10 + tax per team (two people). You are required to have a partner for this event and may not join as an individual. 

Euchre tables open at 6pm. Grab a beer and get warmed up for start time! The first of 4 rounds will begin at 7pm SHARP. Each round will be 20 minutes of play. There will be a 10 minute break between each round to stretch your legs and refresh your drink.

Get familiar with our Euchre house rules here! 

*Fan Club points may be used for registration fee
*Please add your teammates name and team name to the notes in your cart

Euchre Night Monday December 5th - Team Registration - Limit 1 ticket per person/team