Exploratory IPA
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24 x 355ml Cans

The first brew of this exploratory IPA series showcases Mash Hopping and Thiolized Yeast. We added hops with high amounts of Thiols to the mash, which convert during fermentation into intensely aromatic notes of pink guava, grapefruit zest and juicy passion fruit. Using Thiolized yeasts helps to release these bound Thiols, amplifying their powerful aromatics making Centre Cut No. 1 a fastball of complex flavour, right down the middle.

Named for both the pitch and the method of core-sampling from hop bales when selecting our favourite varieties, every IPA in this series will explore an aspect of the brewing process, whether that is a new-to-us hop, ingredient, or process.

Contains wheat



Ballpark Pairings

Jamaican Patties, Jerk Chicken Poutine

Centre Cut No. 1 - 24 Case
Centre Cut No. 1 - 24 Case
Centre Cut No. 1 - 24 Case