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4x355ml Cans

A prospect is a rising talent whose skills are too great to ignore. They are a natural team player, chosen for their distinctive abilities. The same can be true of a standout hop amongst a beer’s roster of ingredients. In that spirit, we are proud to bring you Prospect, our single hop IPA series. Each batch is brewed using the same malt recipe and showcases a unique hop for its individual characteristics. In this version, Mosaic hops step up to the palate. Grown in Washington State, Mosaic is known for its triple-use profile and is well suited for bittering, flavour and aroma which makes it the perfect choice for a single hop beer! In this brew, Mosaic shines with the vibrant aroma and flavour of orange, mango and field berries.

Contains wheat.



Ballpark Pairings

Grilled Hamburgers, Poutine

Prospect: Mosaic - 4 Pack
Prospect: Mosaic - 4 Pack
Prospect: Mosaic - 4 Pack