We are honoured to be supporting Community Fridges Toronto as our Beer For Everybody beneficiary this Spring. Community Fridges Toronto is a network of volunteers, business owners, and community builders mobilizing to provide hubs for mutual aid to occur, where community members can support others directly without intervention and outside of traditional charity models. 

From now until May 31, 2022, 100% of profits from all Beer For Everybody apparel will be donated to Community Fridges Toronto, along with a $2 donation from the sale of every Community Mixed Pack from April 1st to May 31st. 

Beer For Everybody’s intention is to showcase and support local organizations that work to dismantle systemic inequities. This initiative is not a single campaign, but rather a statement of our beliefs and a name under which we will continue to take action to uphold our commitments to equity and inclusion.

Donations made through your Left Field Brewery cart will not qualify for a tax receipt. If you wish to receive a charitable tax receipt, please contact Community Fridges Toronto for information about donating directly. 

Donation to Community Fridges Toronto